Great skin doesnt happen by chance, it happens by appointment.

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Clean Skincare Ingredients

We only work with top sourced skincare products that contain no harmful carcinogens. Unnecessary ingredients that have no benefit or provide no changes to the skin are not used. All products are skilfully selected and also known as 'Clean Skincare' with no toxicity.

Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

WE are completely against using brands or products who till this day are not bothered to stop harming animals in the making. We love bunnies and all animals. Tis is a very strict and highly respected principle in our ethical policy.

Result-Driven Treatments

Our treatments are result-driven and show immediate effect. This is very important to us we want you to see and feel the difference right after even just after your first treatment. More regular appointments will of course benefit and bring out the true results.

Professional and Ethical Services

All, if not most services by us are truely customizable to your individual skin type and condition. The protocols may vary or stay the same but the selected ingredients are adjusted accordingly to your skin type. Our service standard is held to the highest level and we are always there for you!


Olive Andexer's simple yet seriously effective routinefeaturing her cult-favourite Custom Facial, also known as "The Best Facial"is trusted by the most discerning A-list faces to keep their skin flawless and glowing. Today, Olive is sharing her proven techniques and trusted expertise so people everywhere can achieve their best skin.

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